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NanningWorld of Gardening

Located in Shuanqiao Town, Wuming County, Nanning, World of Gardening is a demonstration area of gardening industry, integrating agriculture sightseeing, production and marketing of nursery stocks and flowers, breeding of animals, exhibitions and shows, acquisition of popular science, entertainment and conferences as a whole. The World covers an area of 6763 mu and is of typical karst landform. Five zones are planned inside, which are nursery stocks production zone, flowers production zone, breeding zone of economic animals, exhibition center of gardens, and theme park of ecological tours.

GreenForest in Liang Fengjiang Park

The Park is an AAA national scenic spot, composed of the Puti Garden, the Vegetable Kingdom and an Amusement park. It contains the largest botanical garden in Southeast China region with various kinds of rare plants, the unique Buddhist holy tree-botree, and the second largest grass slide ground in China. It owns the largest club of field operations in Guangxi, singular butterfly and rock collections and a holiday tour arena called Puti Country Villa. With verdant woods, high content of oxygen and humidity, it often referred to as a "Natural Oxygen Room" and a "Forest Bathing Place".

Charming Sights of South Lake

The South Lake Square and its lakefront Sightseeing Spots are located along the lakeside of "the first lake" of Nanning. It successfully blends the beautiful and charming scenery of South Lake into the overall cityscape of modern Nanning to fully reflect the integration of "clear water" and "Green City". There are large musical fountains, various kinds of rare and precious trees, with pretty garden-scape lights and works of art interspersed among them. The Park features a large-scale water-curtain film and fountain that shoots water as high as 80 meters into the air.


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